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Cyber Security

Is In Our DNA

Our consultancy  and  training  solutions will keep  your network secure and enable your business to  work smarter.

Cyber Security

Is In Our DNA

Our consultancy  and  training  solutions will keep  your network secure and enable your business to  work smarter.

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Secure Network Design


Encryption at rest and in motion

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Firewall Intergration

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Cyber Security

Check Point is the largest Cyber security company in the world. Ausarsec trainers are highly skilled firewall engineers with the ability to  deliver both entry level and advanced courses.

Check Point Security Engineering (CCSE)

Live Instructor

3 Days

Check Point Security Administration (CCSA)

Live Instructor

3 Days

Aursarsec also  provides a range of cyber security training certifications that allow you to study at your own paced.


Security Services & Solutions

You need a seasoned partner who understands your business and has the know-how to quickly implement solutions to your greatest challenges. Ausarsec’s leaders average 20+ years of experience across 12 core industries and are skilled in the latest cloud technology platforms.

Ausarsec is an Amazon  AWS , partner with vast experience of deploying secure cloud  and on premise solutions across the globe. Industries include aero space, media, Health service, as well as the education sector, finance etc. We can tailor a bespoke security solution to meet your needs whilst adhering to security principles set out in frameworks such as Nist and the Cloud Security Alliance.

Christopher Stine - First Book

As the SVP of IT, I enjoyed the transparency and communication as the project progressed. This was refreshing in an IT project and I felt like no part of the project was a surprise. Communication with the implementation team was outstanding. The data architecture we put together has benefited the organization and was designed with forethought of how to move the business forward. We had the goal of sticking to “out of the box” mentality with using the software as much as possible and Ausarsec helped us stay within those guardrails

Jeff Dawson - EMH System

As a CEO, it is critical that any partner be able to exhibit the same levels of professionalism that we expect internally. They must communicate transparently, understand our business quickly, and respond well when met with a challenge. Ausarsec was able to meet those goals and act as trusted partner to help us meet our goals. We are very satisfied with the work done thus far and look forward to continued success as we push the platform further to help our business succeed.


Leading Client Satisfaction

Your results are our focus. We strive to earn a trusted, long-term relationship with each client, and we pride ourselves in earning the highest client satisfaction ratings in the industry. With every client, in every meeting, on every project, our goal is to fully deliver the value that you and your business needs.