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Services We Offer

Customers have many choices to make when it comes to doing business or choosing products. Those organizations that build process around the customer are growing and prospering in today’s marketplace. This is a simple concept, but incredibly difficult to orchestrate. The entire lifecycle of the business needs to be reimagined and designed for customer success. Ausarsec has enabled many organizations to digitally transform their processes, migrate and integrate to work on a single platform, and enable the customer to have a seamless experience, from pipeline to payment received.


We provide on Variety of Professional Services 


Secure Network Design


Hybrid Cloud Intergration

Multi Factor Authentication


Identity and Access Management

Security Audits

Social Engineering Advice

Encryption at Rest and in Motion

Strategy & Design

Every great implementation begins with a clear strategy and a well thought-out plan. That’s why each project starts with multiple in-depth meetings that allow Ausarsec consultants and technologists to fully grasp your business’s needs, struggles and current procedures.

Our Ausarsec team members immerse themselves in your business and apply proven best practices to create a results-focused approach. We design new business processes, establish the technical vision, and ensure you are able to deliver a superior customer experience. We’ll ensure you’re able to maximize your investment by leveraging modern measurement capabilities available with today’s cloud platforms including powerful insight and analytics.

Development, Integration, Migration

Ausarsec provides the people, process, and technical expertise necessary to design robust, maintainable solutions, and to ensure a smooth migration from legacy systems to a new cloud-based platform. With certified expertise spanning SaaS solutions for sales, marketing, customer success, support, and finance, we’ll ensure that all of your systems are integrated seamlessly. We’ll also take care of the “heavy lifting” of migrating your legacy data, and will make sure we cleanse the data as part of the process so that you will be able to derive the clearest insights about your business.

User Training & Education

Technology alone can’t solve business problems, and we’ll make sure that your teams are ready to embrace change. Our Ausarsec training and education experts are skilled in achieving maximum user buy-in and adoption. We’ll evaluate the potential impact of your new program and assess the work style of your organization to tailor an optimal enablement plan that leverages the latest user training tools & techniques and strikes the right balance between onsite, interactive, and virtual learning.


We Serve a Variety of Businesses & Industries


Health Care

Today’s healthcare organizations must balance data management, ever-changing regulations, and increasing patient expectations. Ausarsec designs and implements innovative solutions that streamline your internal processes and improve your clinical and business operations while reducing costs and maximizing the consumer experience at every touch point.


We understand the myriad challenges our clients in the public sector face, from balancing the needs of a variety of constituents, to delivering results with limited budgets. As grants are becoming increasingly important, Ausarsec’s public sector services have included helping many clients accelerate and simplify grant processing and compliance by eliminating multiple data sources and ensuring that defined processes and timelines are adhered to.


With the intersection of technical disruption, consolidation, and ever-present regulatory impacts, the telecommunications is continuously evolving. Aursarsec brings deep experience in all aspects of the industry; territory management, sales pipeline management, electronic signatures/contracts, order capture, marketing automation, business case approvals and integration with numerous systems & databases. Ausarsec solutions have facilitated mergers and acquisitions, and guided clients through the transition from a regulatory mindset to one focused on sales and marketing performance.

High Tech

The fast-moving tech sector is constantly in a state of flux, dealing with exponential growth, new entrants, and mergers and acquisitions. You can fall behind simply by trying to keep up with the rate of change. To thrive, your organization requires scalable, nimble systems that give you a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers, your organization, and your business performance. We’ll help you design an end-to-end solution that will keep your marketing, sales, customer success, support, and finance teams aligned, provide your customers with an exceptional experience, and empower your team with the analytics and insights you need to drive your business forward.


Ausarsec’s expertise and responsiveness made developing a more robust donation management system smoother than we could have imagined. They guided us through our options, respected our budget, and delivered results. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future as we continue to grow.


The Salesforce platform with applications like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), etc. represents the technology of the future for manufacturing. It enables a manufacturing company to get a 360-degree view of how a company is operating and how they’re performing from front-end sales to back-end efficiencies and production.

Economic & Workforce Development

From UK to Europe to USA, Ausarsec has helped states and regional organizations optimise economic and workforce development initiatives through tested solutions that can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. We help streamline your business development efforts among multiple partners, track current and past projects in real time, distribute insightful data, manage prospects from a lead to project completion, and manage project communications from a single platform.


Property is a data and deadline driven industry. Navigating the chaos, regulations, and contingent liability can be daunting. Your business balances countless dependencies, and the client-driven unconventional work schedule demands 24/7 mobile capabilities. We’ll partner with you to deliver a robust solution that helps you stay on top of contacts, marketing, properties, listings, transactions, and business processes with a 360-degree view of your business.